7 websites to help you practise your English

We are very lucky to live at a time when we have incredible technology and so many amazing resources. Learning a language is not easy, but it’s much easier now than it used to be. In the past, books and information about languages were often hard to get, but now, we only need a computer or a smartphone and an internet connection and we can easily find all kinds of information and helpful resources. If you’re learning English, even better! It seems like everyone in the world wants to learn English, so there are plenty of books, apps, and websites to help you. Below are some online resources which might help you with learning English – and they’re free! 

1. BBC Learning English
This site has lots of great resources for learning and practising English, including materials for learners at different levels. There are resources for learning grammar and vocabulary and videos to help you with your pronunciation.

2. British Council
British Council have exercises, games, and podcasts to help you with listening, grammar, vocabulary and business English, and also a free test to check your English level.

3. English Club
English Club has plenty of information and resources to help you in all areas of English, and a forum where you can ask questions if you need help. They also have podcasts to help you practise listening and build your vocabulary, including news reports in easy English.

4. Podcasts in English
If you want to practise listening, this site may be helpful, as it has podcasts about many different topics for people with different levels of English. They have extra materials which are for paying members only, but you can listen to the podcasts for free.

5. Exam English
If you’re planning to take an English exam, such FCE, CAE, TOEFL, TOEIC, or IELTS, Exam English has a lot of resources to help you including information about the exam, advice, and practice tests.

6. Simple English Wikipedia
Do you want to know more about Australia? Or maybe you’d like to read about the world’s best-selling video game? Simple English Wikipedia has articles about hundreds of different topics, and uses English that is easier to understand.

7. TED Talks
The TED website has thousands of different talks about many topics, and most of the talks also have a transcript, so if you listen and can’t understand, you can check the transcript to see what they said.

These are just some of the resources you can use to practise your English online. If you would like a recommendation for other resources, or know something you think I should add, then let me know! And remember, learning online is a great way to help you improve your English, but it’s not as good as having a good teacher!