Christmas in Australia

Although Australia is not a very religious country, Christmas is one of the most important days on the calendar. However, a lot of older Christmas traditions don’t really make sense in the Australian environment, and Australia has some unique holiday traditions of its own. Santa Claus Many traditions in Australia are similar to other English-speaking […]

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Give the gift of English

[Tekst w języku polskim poniżej] — Are you looking for the perfect gift? How about an English lesson with a native speaker who is also a qualified teacher? For Christmas, I am offering gift vouchers for a 90-minute Skype lesson. Due to my busy schedule, there are only 10 of these vouchers available, so be

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On Vacation, or on holidays?

At this time of year, many people have a break from school or university, or take some time away from work. So should we say that they are on holiday, or on vacation? Like many English words, it depends on where you are or who you are talking to. A “holiday” was originally a “holy

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How do I say that?

One of the most frustrating things about learning English is that the spelling and pronunciation are not consistent. In other words: we don’t know how a word sounds by looking at the spelling. In fact, it’s not unusual for native speakers to pronounce a word incorrectly because they’ve only seen the word written down and

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English with Josh Q&A!

Welcome to the English with Josh Q&A! As you will see below, people have sent me questions about learning English, about myself, and about my experiences living in Poland. Thank you again to everyone who sent questions. If there’s anything you’d like to ask which is not answered below, please send me a message or

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English in the time of Coronavirus

Poland, like most countries, is currently dealing the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, so it’s important to stay home and avoid contact with other people, not only for your own health, but also to protect the health of other people and to decrease the pressure on hospitals, doctors, and nurses. Schools are now closed, and many people

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Learn English with The Witcher

Pronunciation is one of the most difficult parts of English. One reason for this is that, in English, the same letter or letters can make many different sounds, and the same sounds can be written many different ways.  Even native speakers make pronunciation errors sometimes, often because they have seen a word written down, but have

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